Steve’s Short Stories

This page will feature short stories, some published and some not (yet). The stories range from inspirational, to devastation, to humor and fantasy.

This Month’s Featured Short Story:

This poem is being published in an Anthology called Animal Tales by the Dearborn (MI) Public Library.

Old Man, Old Dog

Old men and old dogs think the same

Of hopes and dreams that never came

They walk the streets, two ends of the lead

Shufflin’, Sniffin’ spent leaves, half speed.


Roaming hours on paths not there

No need to hurry back, no one to care

Show dog and show man sifting life’s sand

Wet eyes meet, old dog and old man.


Rabbits fear not the chase

Fate delayed not denied, the fall from grace

Breathe in nature’s juices damp and sweet

Old friends they soon will meet.


Bent in the smoky night chatting away

Bout a long ago busier day

Fought the good fight, right at the time

Last to go will drag the other’s end behind.


I’m Going To Write a Book…Someday

There are several reasons why one might want to write a book. These must be reasons that will justify being locked away alone for long periods, cut off from friends and loved ones, uncertain if anyone will care to read the end product. Writing 50,000 to 110,000 words (150 to 300 pages) in the right order, with a plausible story arc, theme and interesting characters in a fashion that will capture reader interest takes a commitment to the purpose the writer is trying to serve. Let’s look at possible purposes.

  • Leave a Legacy
    • Record a bit of family history
  • It’s Been an Incredible Journey
    • You’ve lived an interesting life and learned many lessons
  • Active Mind
    • Keep the brain impulses firing and feel alive
  • Use My Intellect
    • Challenge your brain and your writing skills
  • Research
    • Jodi Picoult said “Write about things you would enjoy researching
  • Show The Bastards
    • Approximately 80 % of Americans say they want to write a book someday and only 2% actually do it. Join that elite group of writers.

It is much easier to work through the rough moments that come for most writers, if you know why you are writing and your goals.

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