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Richie Malone, Surviving the Foster Care Spiral

Richie’s parents signed away their responsibilities for his care when he was not quite three years old. Removed from his home on the east side of Detroit he was sent into the dark tunnel of the foster care system of the early 1940’s.

Raised in a series of strangers’ homes for 12 years, Richie searches for normal wondering if he would recognize it. Spiraling down into an ever darker tunnel of abuse Richie is finally released from the system at 14 into a very different kind of hell.

This is a work of Creative Non-Fiction and each event in Richie’s challenging journey is based on a true story.


Private Svoboda

This is the story of a 14-year old boy soldier trained to kill or be killed in the brutal fighting of WWII on the Eastern Front. Late in the war Alex Svoboda and the rest of the boys in his Austrian eighth grade class are drafted and sent to boot camp on their way to the Eastern Front.

Naïve and excited to get into the action Alex and the boys are quickly relieved of any notion of the adventure, romance and the heroics of war. One by one Alex’s classmates fall as the deafening weapons of the battle field expose the brutality of war and the unlikely chances of surviving for another day, another minute.

Captured by the Russians, Alex is among half of the POW’s who survive starvation and winter’s blast on the train ride into Siberia. When Alex’s last two remaining classmates are brutally killed, he loses all caution and escapes into the frozen plains chased by the Russians, wolves, hunters, partisans and hunger.

Honor Bound, Terror on the F Train

A series of intermittent suicide bombings by a terrorist group is designed to send shock waves of fear through U.S commuters. Al-Quwah’s initial targets are metropolitan commuter trains with later attacks planned for other transportation modes including air travel. America’s likely military response could lead to the widest East/West war since the crusades.

Captain Sam Cotton, a Vietnam vet with secrets he must keep to himself for the rest of his life, is tapped by the CIA as the man uniquely qualified to stop the terrorist plan. Despite objections from his family and physician, Sam takes on the job of stopping the threat while providing him with a last chance at redemption.

Personal secrets won’t be the only ones traveling with Sam as he parachutes through the ‘black zone’ on his descent into the mountain valley of the terrorist encampment, a bomb strapped to his chest. If he lands safely, Sam will be challenged to identify enemy and friend.

While this story has been mostly invented, the threat to our country is real. An AP article of April 18, 2012 reported on a foiled plot by three al-Qaeda operatives from Queens, NY to “strap on suicide bomb vests and detonate them inside Manhattan subways…” The U.S. Attorney’s office reported, “The men were prepared to kill themselves and everyone around them…men, women and children. These men came so close.”

The first week in May 2012 the CIA revealed a thwarted Al Qaeda underwear bomber plot to blow up an airliner departing Yemen for the U.S.


The Moment It All Changed: Short Stories of Adventure, Inspiration, Epiphany, Humor, and Surprise

Publisher/Pub Date:, 2010
ISBN: 978-1450264877

“Every day is a surprise. In the total scheme of our lives, however, the moments are mostly minor personal tragedies and adventures so we just keep on keepin’ on …”

Most surprises in life can be managed, but sometimes events conspire to radically alter our existence. The Moment It All Changed explores this theme in, a collection of intriguing short stories filled with dynamic characters caught in mid-flight through adventures they never expected. A brave young girl leads twenty men out of Castro’s brutal grip. A young engineer finds himself swimming under the ice of the Wind River, desperately searching for an air pocket. A young mother is paralyzed in a fall from the roof and fears dying alone. Author Steven R. Roberts introduces these unique individuals and the ways in which they discover their inner strengths and weaknesses-how they stood, accidently or on purpose, in the path of a speeding train of circumstances and faced the moment. Wrapping life-changing events within the mantle of humor, adventure, and spiritual awakening, The Moment It All Changed is an anthology to be savored



A Freak’s Journey

Publisher/Pub Date: SRProductions, 2010
ISBN: 978-0-9844028-0-9

In 1890 London, Jimmy’s mum throws him out of their apartment while she services clients. The boy runs away and joins a circus where Jimmy grows into James as he meets the circus owner’s challenge to become some kind of freak to earn his keep.

James falls for Caitlin, the lion tamer’s daughter, but her father objects and threatens to feed James to the big cats. He is forced to run from his adopted home and the girl he loves. James joins the British Army where keeps a secret from Caitlin and fights wars in three theaters.

After the war, he runs to America to forget Caitlin but a fight ends with a man’s death and James must run again. A long lost letter from Caitlin rekindles James desire to attempt a reunion.

“Roberts’ descriptive details…jump out at you in the world he’s penned. I loved the book. I highly recommend “A Freak’s Journey.”

Lea Schizas, AllBooks Review, Feb 2010


The Brothers Popovic

Publisher/Pub Date: SR Productions, 2008
ISBN: 978-0-615-20620-2

Josip Popovic’s widow was committed to getting her six sons out of the death spiral of the Croatian coalmines in the mid-1930s, and equally determined to get the family out of the impending devastation of WWII. With the prospects of being caught trying to leave Croatia the brothers divide into pairs to walk, ride and run from the country they love but can no longer survive. Capture would result in being sent to a Croatian concentration camp or to a sure death fighting on the frozen Russian front.

The family’s struggle and unwavering courage reminds readers of the challenges faced by their own ancestors who immigrated to find a better place to raise succeeding generations.

“Just intended to scan the chapter titles but started the book and I got hooked.”

J. H., Minneapolis

“Brothers Popovic is a gift of hope and love for families meeting their own challenges. The story telling is superb.”
K. M., Allen Park, Michigan

“Brothers Popovic has it all..[including] the true grit of a family trying to do the impossible, and come out alive. Roberts captivates your imagination with the written word while telling a story any ancestor would be glad to call their own.”
Mark Reid – New Book Reviews


Twenty-Nine Months

Publisher/Pub Date: SR Productions, September 2005, 2006

ISBN: 1-59872-087-2

Over one million Americans a year are diagnosed with Cancer and ten million are living with the disease. Twenty-Nine Months is the story of one of those survivors. The story traces the author’s fifteen-year roller coaster fight through a series of attacks, which take him in and out of near-death status. The oncologist’s initial “you’re it” meeting with Steve and his wife, Jane, sends them into a valley of denial followed by the long climb back up the transition disaster curve.

Steve finds comfort in the support from family and friends as well as the village of professional medical caregivers. Many times he had to reflect on a quote from one of his doctors; “Remember, on your way through to recovery and survival, every day will not be better than the last.”

“Your book taught me things I didn’t even know about my own cancer.”

R.S. Falston, Maryland

“Twenty-Nine months made me laugh and cry at the same time. I’m so glad I knew the ending before I opened the book.”
W.R., Lima, Ohio


The Share Conspiracy

Publisher/Pub Date: SR Productions, 2006, 2007

ISBN: 1-59872-722-2

Soon after Mike Stratford, an automotive sales executive loses his job to the growing Japanese auto market invasion, he is recruited by a sponsor representing a secret committee of the Big Three in Detroit. He is asked to form an espionage team to disrupt Japanese vehicle production in Japan and the US. Starting in the spring of 1989 and with the help of the Yakuza, the Japanese Mafia, Mike and his team sabotage production facilities and sales through a series of explosions and other destructive actions which cut off supplies and destroy Japanese manufacturing facilities. The book is a three continent action-adventure novel based on the devastating headlines from today’s news.

“You nailed the problem, but as a former auto executive I can’t exactly support the solution presented in this well written novel.”
Former Big Three V.P.

Rhythm and Rhyme Lifetime

Publisher/Pub Date: SR Productions, 2004
ISBN: None

Based on 30 songs and poems written by the author, this book describes the inspirations and the process of writing short stories through these mediums. Chapters of the book relate stories of love and romance — Red Dog Dance and Tap Dancin’ Girl, stories of coming of age — Picture of My Life and Ticket To Texas, humorous times — A Cat and Dr. Tooth and inspirational stories — I Had A Friend and Will We Make Spring.

“When you’re young and you know it all and you stumble and fall,

it’s not the fall that hurts, it’s the time you spend in the dirt.”

From the poem “Up and Out” by Steve Roberts

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