Inspire Us

Personally, my story is one of survival in the face of evidence that said people with my type of Cancer, on average, last no more than 29 months. The news was delivered in 1994 in a clinic examination room by a doctor who was too experienced in giving this “you’re it” message to provide any sugar coating for the news. The doctor then left the room for a few minutes so my wife Jane and I could absorb the meaning his words would have on the rest of our lives, be they short or not so short.

From that low point, I survived more than ten years of being in and out of hospitals, several surgeries, life threatening blood anomalies, and two bone marrow transplants. During this time I promised God and myself that if I survived I’d make many personal adjustments in my life and my perspective of what’s important. One of those promises was to share my story of survival in the hope that it might help others facing life threatening decisions and battles in their lives.

If you have an inspirational story about your survival against the odds forward it to me at and I’ll post it to this page in the hope that your story may help others.

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    Steve Roberts was born in Greenville, Ohio, the son of a small-town golf pro and a mom who managed the golf pro shop. The small family lived in the other half of the pro-shop building. Later the family grew to four children as they moved around Ohio in search of more financially rewarding work for Dad. Learn More...