Circus Home Challenge

In this segment from the novel A Freak’s Journey, six-year old runaway James Stockley is taken in by a new mother who keeps the circus owner from sending him back to the Borough of Islington. Circus Home “Mona, come here quick,” the boss canvas-man called out in a loud whisper as he stuck his head […]

The Borough of Islington, A FreaksStart

Now that James has opened up about his early life, this post takes us to his apartment in the 1990 London slum of Islington and the beginning of a Freak’sJourney. The Borough of Islington Jimmy ran full speed toward the other three, looking back over his shoulder with full fright on his face and crying […]


Dam Project Conclusion – The instant he hit the ground Stockley reached back and threw a full-force right fist to the guy’s heart and the driver went down hard. He looked shocked and suddenly out of breath. The driver jumped back up and threw a punch. Stockley ducked and ran a haymaker into the driver’s […]

Dam Project

A Freak’s Journey The Life and Times of a Six-Year-Old Circus Runaway By Steven R Roberts James ran from the love of two mothers and the girl denied him by his own demons. The Dam Project Did you ever meet a guy who had a good job and you couldn’t for the life of you […]

Starting the Journey

Welcome to my action adventure blog. Together we are going to go to share stories of some far off places and meet a band of characters, mostly real, living life on the edge. Hope you enjoy the journey. We’ll start with the adventures of a six-year old boy, James Stockney, who runs away from an […]

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