An article on Publishing vs Self-Publishing by Nathan Bradford 3/18/15 So. You have yourself a book. Should you just go ahead and self-publish and see how it does? Should you try your luck with agents and publishers? Should you try agents and publishers first and then self-publish if that doesn’t work? Having traditionally published the […]

Best In Show Award

Rochester (MI) Writers Association has just announced that I have been awarded First Place in their 2013 Page One Writing Contest and overall Best In Show for their second half of 2013 Multimedia writing contests. I submitted excerpts of Private Svoboda, A Freak’s Journey and The Share Conspiracy to the judges. Holy Cow How About […]

Private Svoboda Book Release

Private Svoboda  The Naked Truth Jumping down from the train, we line up outside the military induction center. The train station, done in polished oak, cut stone and glass, has historically received the wealthy and powerful of Europe to the mineral bath resort of Bad Ischl, Austria. The station has been converted to receive recruits […]

Fourteen On the Eastern Front

I came to know a man who was drafted into the army out of his eight-grade class along with all of his classmates. Attending an Austrian boarding school, away from the big city bombing targets,the whole class was drafted and put on a train to boot camp with only a brief letter to advise their […]

I Made It Overseas (river) and Back

Freezing at the start last Sunday but better later, I made it through the 13.1 miles of the Detroit International Half Marathon. At road runner speed we traveled up across the Ambassador Bridge to Canada as the sun rose over the city, toured lovely downtown Windsor and plunged down into the tunnel under the Detroit […]

Half Marathon Prep

Ran 10 miles yesterday in prep for the Detroit International (over the bridge and back the tunnel from Canada) Marathon next week. I’ve run in the event for several years but never as far as 13 miles. Hope I don’t break down in Canada and can’t get back. Of course they have good beer over […]

Honor Bound, Chapter 1, Freedom Flight

Honor Bound Terror on the F Train “Some men are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.” William Shakespeare Twelfth Night Sam struggled to keep his emotions in check that morning. He managed to get through the sting of tears, clinging hugs and kisses with the family on the porch […]

Web Site

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New Book Released

Honor Bound, Terror on the F Train My newest action adventure novel was released in the north in June at a book signing in Dearborn, Michigan, the site of several scenes early in the book. Thirty plus books were sold and the early reviews and comments are very enthusiastic including “I loved it, it was […]


By Steven R. Roberts Girls have girlfriends, boys have brothers They’re a group, a team, a common theme like no others Some save their brothers’ lives, mine saved mine Many times it happens, it happens all the time From the start, brothers need one another Joking, ridin, playin, fightin, drinkin, brothers A bro’s a guys […]

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