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Honor Bound, Terror on the F Train

My newest action adventure novel was released in the north in June at a book signing in Dearborn, Michigan, the site of several scenes early in the book. Thirty plus books were sold and the early reviews and comments are very enthusiastic including “I loved it, it was Grisham-like.” from R P in Dearborn and “The book is fantastic. I highly recommend it.” from N.L in Tennessee.
More on the book on the web at:

Release of the book in Florida is planned for November.

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  1. Lou Livengood says:

    I’m writing to say that I thoroughly enjoyed reading your newest book, “Richie Malone”. It’s a very moving story that demonstrates the challenge some kids face when they are thrown into the foster childcare system. One wonders how a child can survive many of the difficult situations that faced Richie. Of course, I was relieved to read the final chapter. By the way, I did see the name Leo Livengood in your book.
    Best, Lou Livengood

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