Richie Malone, Surviving the Foster Care Spiral

Richie’s parents signed away their responsibilities for his care when he was not quite three years old. Removed from his home on the east side of Detroit he was sent into the dark tunnel of the foster care system of the early 1940’s.

Raised in a series of strangers’ homes for 12 years, Richie searches for normal wondering if he would recognize it. Spiraling down into an ever darker tunnel of abuse Richie is finally released from the system at 14 into a very different kind of hell.




About Steve

Steve and his wife of 50 years, Jane, live in Dearborn, Michigan where they raised four children and now chase after 13 grandchildren.

Steve has written short stories and articles for the past 25 years but he was inspired to write his first book by the desire to share his story of survival from two bone marrow transplants and the consequences of a twenty-year battle with cancer.

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What’s New

  • Steve’s book Private Svoboda is to be presented to the Western Pennsylvania Council of Teachers of English in May 2015 and Steve has been chosen as the Keynote Speaker
  • Steve’s book Brother’s Popovic has been awarded first prize by the Rochester (MI) Writers and Best in Show in their multimedia contest of 2014.
  • The author’s Novels are now on Kindle and Smashwords
  • Steve recently received an award in short story contest
  • The author is currently working on a true story of the life of three boys caught up in the challenges of long term Foster Care in the 1940’s.


  • About Steve

    Steve Roberts was born in Greenville, Ohio, the son of a small-town golf pro and a mom who managed the golf pro shop. The small family lived in the other half of the pro-shop building. Later the family grew to four children as they moved around Ohio in search of more financially rewarding work for Dad. Learn More...